Catwalk Photographer Workflow (Lr) for London Fashion Week

Lightroom workflow for fashion events

Catwalk photographer workflow is the process a catwalk photographer follows in order to produce catwalk show images in a timely and efficient manner. This may be necessary to be able to meet publication deadlines.

This post is an in depth look at the Lightroom workflow I use for events such as London Fashion Week. Its been developed over more than 10 seasons of covering LFW catwalk shows for news agencies, photo agencies and designers.

Although it is specific to catwalk events, this catwalk photographer workflow can be adapted for other events.

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Commercial Photography

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography refers to photographic images produced to promote, market or advertise products, services or events, also known as advertising photography and is often commissioned by the clients, brands or companies that will be using the images. The role of the photographer on a commercial project is to satisfy the client’s brief, often working with an art director.

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Editorial Photography

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial photography is about creating an image that tells a story, documents an event or depicts a real-life issue. Editorial photographs can be used along with text to help illustrate the subject of the story. Editorial photographs often illustrate newsworthy subjects in the areas of business, politics, travel, culture, entertainment and sport.

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