How to License Images through Google

What is a Google Licensable Image?

Google have recently added the facility to display licence details on images returned in Google image search results. Licensable images will be overlaid with a “licensable image” badge, and under the image the text “Get this image on: <Licensor URL> | <Licence details URL>” will be shown – where <Licensor URL> is the URL to the licensor’s website, and <Licence details URL> is a link to the license details.

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Classic 4 Light High Key Set-Up

Backdrop – one stop brighter than key light. Typically f11 vs f8.

Need 4 lights and a lot of space. Typically the background lights would be approx 2m from backdrop, and subject needs to be further still.

Could use reflector instead of fill light, or could use one light, maybe a beauty dish or a ring light. Could add a hair light too.

Could use foam boards, V Flats or flags to help prevent spill from background lights.

Fashion Face Masks

As seen on the London catwalk

London Fashion Week AW20

LFW AW20 Catwalk Gallery

View photos from the SS20 Catwalk Shows in London

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